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Indian Railways suspends regular train services till August 12

by Editor

In the backdrop of COVID-19, the Indian Railways has decided to suspend the regular train services till August 12.
“During the lockdown period, booking of tickets were allowed till 14 April 2020 with advance reservation period of 120 days. Some of the passengers had booked tickets for regular trains being run before lockdown for the journey up to August 12, 2020 ( 120 days from 14 April 2020).” The Railways said in a statement.
“In order to facilitate full refunds to those passengers, who had booked tickets on or prior to 14 April 2020, the Railways has decided to refund the amount of the tickets.” It added.
However, all 230 Special Trains, which are presently operational and tickets have been booked on or after 21 May 2020 will continue to run as scheduled.
Railways is monitoring occupancy position of these special trains on a regular basis and whenever a decision is taken to introduce new special trains, the schedule will be notified.
Earlier, on the implementation of the lockdown in the country, regular timetabled trains of Indian Railways were stopped and later the booking of tickets in these trains was also stopped from 14 April.
However, as a result of the 120-day advance ticket booking facility, booking was done in trains till August 12. The tickets amount was refunded by the Indian Railways by cancelling the regular time-tabbed trains till June 30.

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