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Mining mafia, corrupt bureaucrats conspiring to weaken PRIs in J&K: AJKPC

by Editor

All Jammu and Kashmir Panchayat Conference, AJKPC, representative body of Panchayati Members today held a press conference here in Jammu wherein the organization alleged that mining Mafia and Corrupt bureaucrats in some districts of J & K are conspiring to weaken the Panchayti Raj Institutions and it also made an appeal to the Lieutenant Governor GC Murmu and Chief Secretary  B. V. R. Subrahmanyam to book the mining mafia and also take action against the officers who are providing support to them.


Anil Sharma, President of the organization along with Vikas Sharma , Vice President of AJKPC and Block Development Chairperson of block Lamberi in district Rajouri while addressing the media person said that mining mafia is so active and powerful in Rajouri that they even interfere with the Panchayati Raj institutions.


Citing the example of his own block Lamberi, Vikas Sharma told that despite his repeated representations to the local administration about the illegal mining from rivers and other natural water bodies in  his block , the responsible officers did not take any action against the people involved in illegal mining but instead targeted him and using money and muscle power the mafia and corrupt officers intimidated local Sarpanches to bring No Confidence against him and surprisingly throwing away the set rule and J & K Panchayati Raj Act at bay, the officers in haste without following the procedure as mentioned in the act fixed date for the No Confidence Motion against him, which was totally illegal, arbitrary and in violation of the constitution of India.


He said, though the honouable Court ( CJM Rajouri ) stayed the proceeding of No Confidence motion against him but this development has exposed the nexus of criminals.


Anil Sharma, the president of the organization while appreciating his vice president said , AJKPC fully stand with Vikas ( BDC Chairperson) in his crusade against the mining mafia and revealed that soon their organization shall launch a full fledged campaign against all criminal elements including Land Mafia, Forest Mafia, Mining Mafia, Drug Mafia and especially the corrupt mafia in bureaucracy. He said interference and intimidation by officers in the functioning of Panchayti Raj Institutions is unacceptable and their organization won’t sit quite over it.


He said, if anything happens to the vice president of the AJKPC or any other members of their organizations who are fighting against corruption or criminals  shall lie with the J & K administration, he also appealed DIG Rajouri-Poonch and SSP Rajouri to provide adequate security to the BDC chairperson of Lamberi who is on hit list of criminals. Anil also asked the pollution control board, forest and environment department and mining department of J & K to remain vigilant and not let anyone to loot natural treasure and vitiate the environment.

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